Arizona State Legislature Tying The Hands of Local Government on Gun Control

Gun Control

Rising Crime Rate In Tucson Linked To Gun Control

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -The Tucson Mayor and City Council will hold a discussion at tomorrow’s study session on what the city is doing to combat a rising crime rate, especially homicides.

In 2021, the city had 93 homicides, a record, compared to 48 in 2019.

So far, there have been 56 at this point in 2022 as compared to 64 at this time last year. Still a significant number with little drop off.

“I’ve worked with President Biden and governors across the country to advocate for reasonable gun reform,” said Tucson Mayor Regina Romero. “The quick access to guns that we have now is part of the reason why crime and homicides are going up.”


But every time Tucson tries to pass gun control legislation, the state preempts it.

“I think most major cities in the country have a gun problem,” said Ward Six Council member Steve Kozachik “And the state of Arizona, ours is exacerbated by the fact our state legislature has completely tied the hands of local jurisdictions.”

But the issue of crime is about more than controlling who has access to guns, it’s more complicated than that.

“It’s about not just responding to crime that has happened but it’s also investing in a strategy to prevent it,” Romero said. “There are so many other issues that we have to address to have a safe community and that’s what our conversation is going to be focused on tomorrow.”


Drugs, homelessness and mental health issues are also part of the mix and will be discussed.

Some of the funding for the programs which are needed will likely come from the Bipartisan Safe Communities Act passed by Congress this year which sets aside $250 billion for crime reduction programs.

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