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Current Affairs And History For Scholarship And Job Aptitude Tests

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Current Affairs And History For Scholarship And Job Aptitude Tests 

Scholarships and Job Aptitude test are special exams that require more than just the elementary knowledge of concerned fields but the socio-political and socio-economic awareness of candidates. Its rare these days to see any exam that doesnt have certain numbers of questions on history and current affairs both worldwide and nationwide.

In order to bridge this gap, we compiled questions and answers from scholarships and job aptitude tests that relates to current affairs. This book is frequently updated and current versions made available to our users. It is a sine-qua-non for candidates preparing for aptitude exams as a great wealth of experience was put in place in the compilation.


This book is different from the ones sold in parks or on the roadside because it is tailored to meet the requirements of aptitude tests.


This book is replete with records on:

  • Nigerian Current Affairs
  • Nigerian History
  • World Current Affairs
  • World History
  • Political Affairs (Nationwide and worldwide)
  • Economic Affairs & Business Matters
  • African Politics and History
  • Religious History
  • etc


  1. The first Nigerian to speak foreign language was Oba Esiege of

Benin in 1503.

  1. The first Nigerian traditional ruler to be dethroned by colonist

is King Jaja of


  1. In 1906, FCT was taken from Calabar to Lokoja, from Lokoja to

Lagos and from

Lagos to Abuja on Thursday 12th December, 1991.

  1. OdumegwuOjukwu is the first university graduate out of the

Nigerian Defence


  1. The first wrestler in Nigeria to win World Belt was Mike Okpala
  2. The first storey building in Nigeria was in Badagry, Lagos.
  3. Pope John Paul II died on 2nd April, 1005 at the age 84yrs.
  4. The current pope of the catholic church is Pope Francis Jorge Bergoglio and he became pope on March 13th, 2013
  5. Current Affairs And History For Scholarship And Job Aptitude Tests 



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