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Common Causes of Admission Failure, How to Avoid Them in Your Jamb UTME Registration

Common Causes of Admission Failure, How to Avoid Them in Your Jamb UTME Registration

mistakes leading to admission failure

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We would like to briefly explain some important tips to note in the Admission process to avoid irreversible mistakes. We believe this might be your first time or probably not in the admission process to any higher institution of your choice, so with that said, 


Haven’t seen all the mistakes candidates make while processing for admission into the various institution, We had to come up with this post to avoid such mistake in this year admission. so you sit your ass and study this useful and helpful content very well for sure admission.

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mistakes leading to admission failure


1. Personal Data/Profile
Personal data is in connection with the registration. Every year, due to lack of proper orientation, thousands of students miss admission. In this section, we will only focus on names used in registration.

First of all, when filling a form for registration, make sure you write your name in capital letter and that it is clear. Before you submit the form ask the attendant if there is any letter that is not clear and correct that.

If you are filling the form online by yourself, make sure you enter the names correctly. Another thing to keep in mind is choice of names.

Some students change their names the way they like. Some claim they don’t want to use their native names while others simply prefer an abbreviated form of their name especially the native one. Some change their native name to a foreign name while others simply want to drop their third name.

There are some that change their religion either from Muslim to Christian or Christian to Muslim. Whatever is the reason, determine the name you want to use in your O level now. Take note that the name should be consistent with the one you use in other O level result and in your JAMB result.

Any discrepancies can make you lose your hard earn admission. If for any reason you want to change your name, make sure you follow due process. It may be helpful for your admission someday.

The process involves swearing an affidavit and publishing the change of name in a national daily. The time you do the change of name can also determine if that will be accepted by the institution. For instance, if you change your name after writing your O level, make sure you publish the change of name before you apply for JAMB with the new name.


2. Wrong Subject Combination:

This mistake is common among JAMB candidates. When applying for JAMB,  you should always use JAMB brochure/Syllabus in order to know your subject combination. The wrong subject combination will cost you your admission into your course.  Once again,  Make sure you make use of brochure before computing your subject combination. RECOMMENDED: JAMB Subject Combination for All Courses


3. Wrong O’level grade:

Another point to keep in mind especially before applying through JAMB to a university is to consider the no of O level sittings.

Some universities accept one O level result. Others accept only two combinations. Before you apply to JAMB, you need to find out if your choice university accepts two sittings.

If your preferred university accepts just one sitting, then you have to work hard to make your result in one sitting. If your preferred university accepts two sittings you have to make sure you have the basic subject in the two results. Some universities also consider O level grades before offering admission. Before applying for O level examination or JAMB, you need to find out if the university you intend going consider O level grades for admission.

If that is the case, work hard to make good grades otherwise you will have to change your choice of institution.



One way to find out if a university considers O level for admission is to call the admission office or ask from someone in the university or check through JAMB brochure.

Another way is to check their method of application for post UTME. If it is required that you fill your O level grade, then they may consider the result before giving you admission. Also take note that some universities do not accept awaiting result.


4. Not being informed:

This is another issue that is bothering me.  As a student seeking for admission, you ought to be glued to an educational site like this blog dailycampusgist.com (for JAMB and University update). I heard of a case about a candidate that chooses UNIUYO last year,  but didn’t participate in the screening because he was not aware that the screening form was on sale. Make sure you are always up to date with JAMB news and the University/Polytechnics you choose.


5. Wrong spelling of name:

Although,  this can be corrected why waste money when you can carefully compute your correct name on your JAMB form. Also, not only wrong spelling but the order in which your name is arranged,  it should be in this format-  Surname Firstname Othername. Scroll up to number 1


6Inconsistent age in your document:

Age is very important during admission processing, it can cost you your admission.  If there is an inconsistent age in your document, then your admission into a university might be terminated.  For example,  on your WAEC certificate,  you are 16 years old while on your JAMB form, you are 18 years old, this gives the school every reason to terminate your admission into the university.


7O Level Result Combination
There have been many questions whether certain universities accept a combination of WAEC and NECO. The truth is all universities are mandated to accept the combination of the two results.

However, if a university does not accept two sittings then it becomes a challenge for them to even accept the two results. There has been reported though of the university refusing to accept a combination of WAEC and NECO.

So my advice is before you apply through JAMB to any university, find out if they accept a combination of WAEC and NECO. If they don’t, you will need to apply to a university that accepts two sittings.





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