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Nigeria Navy 2018 Past Questions and answers pdf

Past Questions and answers pdf upto 2018


Past Questions and answers pdf for the upcoming screening examination 2019/2020

Nigerian Navy Aptitude Test and Screening Exercise 2019/2020 will be coming up soon and it’s wise to start preparing for the Aptitude Test now. We all know that the best way to past an exam in Nigeria is through the study of past questions.

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See  past questions and answers for Dssc and ratings aptitude test here. Following the opening of the  recruitment application for 2019 DSSC Course 26 Enlistment, we are happy to present to you past questions and answers for the upcoming screening examination 2019/2020.

Great News!!! We now have Free Nigeria Navy Past Questions and Answers which is available in pdf. It is very important that those preparing for the Nigerian Navy Aptitude test to are  to study the past questions available in Pdf Format.

Our Past Question is Divided into Section

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  • past questions and answer 2012 pdf
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The navy examination 2016 was tense and study have conducted that those who studied the nigerian navy dssc past questions pdf came out successfully in the aptitude test

The  Past Questions is a compilation of questions from previous examinations. It is one useful tool that can help candidates achieve their goal.

Our free Free  Past Questions and answers is not just a past questions but a past questions with its answers

The Free Nigeria Navy Past Questions and answers past question is being divided into three basic components which are:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • General knowledge/Current Affairs
  • Knowledge about Nigeria Navy Questions

Mathematics: Most people Achilles heel and so many people will conclude of failing the aptitude test already before the exams. But don’t conclude yet:

This section is made up of 20 questions and candidates will be tested on simple topics like: Simple interest, ratio, percentage, probability,, sets, age and work,  statistics, area and volumes, profits and loss, conversions, simple and compound interest as well as other simple mathematical questions. Just get it and take a good look at it.

English Language: This section consist of simple terms in our daily usage such as: Synonyms and antonyms (opposite and nearest in meaning) and filling the gap questions. There are usually 20 questions in this section.

General Knowledge: This section is drawn from different subjects like chemistry. Physics, biology, Nigeria current affairs and history of Nigeria, news as regard Nigerian Navy, International organitions such as OPEC, UN, OAU and ECOWAS. The general knowledge is also made of information relates to science and technology. These sections usually have 10 questions.

NN questions is Usually 50 questions in total. We have in our custody more than six years of past questions with about 600 questions.

Its question usually covers a wide area including the other subjects like chemistry, physics, biology, history of Nigeria, Nigeria current affair, all about Nigerian Navy, World organizations such as OPEC,UN,ECOWAS, OAU as well as knowledge of information technology e.t.c. In all there are usually 10 questions, sometimes even 20 questions.

In total, there are 50 Questions.

We have more than 15 past questions for you to study. Yes you can get it via your email by notifying us. This past questions will be delivered in a PDF format which is easily accessible and guess what? You can also print it out in case you are not comfortable with the soft copies.

How to Download Free Nigeria Navy Past Questions and answers -pdf

We sourced for the Nigerian Navy Past Questions and we can proudly tell you that we have the authentic softcopies of The Nigerian Navy Past Questions for the past years.

This Past Question material has 300 questions and comprise of Mathematics, English and General Knowledge (100 questions in each of them)

Preparing with these past questions will give you an insight into the past exams conducted by The Nigerian Navy and also give an edge over your competetors, also there is a possibility you might come across the some of these past questions in the exam.

Please note that even though many of the questions have their answeres checked, we do not guarantee their correctness, so we adviced you solved the questons by your self.

Get a copy of Nigerian Navy Past questions and start preparing. There is no time left again.

We are not scammers!

Below is the screenshot of our past Questions

Nigeria Navy Past Questions

Nigeria Navy Past Questions


2018 Past Questions and answers pdf

: The Nigerian Navy was formally established by the act of parliament in
(a) 1963
(b) 1957
(c) 1964
(d) 1976.

2: The NN was brought out of the Nigerian police force (NPF) in
(a) 1946
(b) 1956
(c) 1958
(d) 1964.



3: The last colonial Governor General of Nigeria was
(a) Tulma Goldie
(b) James Robertson
(c) Huge Clifford
(d) Lord Lugard.

3: The first world war was between
(a) 1911-1914
(b) 1914-1916
(c) 1916-1918
(d) 1914-1918.

4: The first African country to introduce e-passport was
(a) South Africa
(b) Ghana
(c) Liberia
(d) Nigeria.

5: The first secretary General of common wealth was
(a) George Washington
(b) Tulma Goldie
(c) Arnold smith
(d) Joseph Garba.

6: The first military president of Nigeria was
(a) Sanni Abacha
(b) Ibrahim Babangida
(c) Aguiyi Ironsi
(d) Yakubu Gowon.

7: Which of the following may be regarded as a regional organization
(b) OAU
(c) UN
(d) OPEC.

8: Nigeria changed from pounds to Naira in
(a) 1960
(b) 1973
(c) 1959
(d) 1963.

9: The Secretary general of OPEC is
(a) Abdulsaleam Kanuri
(b) Abudullahhi El-badri
(c) Utuhu Kamirideen
(d) Philip Effiong.

10: The current secretary general of United nation is
(a) Ban ki Moon
(b) Trugve Lie
(c) Koffi Anaan
(d) Boustro-Brouste Ghali.

11: In order to qualify for the post of President in Nigeria the person must be _____ and above
(a) 35 years
(b) 20 years
(c) 40 years
(d) 55 years.

12: The name Nigeria coined out of
(a) Niger Forest
(b) Niger Area
(c) Niger River
(d) Niger Textures.

13: The first Inspector General of the Police Force was
(a) Teslim Balogun
(b) Louis Edet
(c) Ademola Adetokunbo
(d) Elias Balogon.

14: The current secretary general or commission chairman of Africa union is
(a) Dlamini Zuma
(b) Allasane Quattara
(c) Emeka Anaoku
(d) H. Desategn.

15: The current president of commission or secretary is of ECOWAS
(a) H.Desategn
(b) Kadre Desire Quedraogo
(c) Allasane Quattara
(d) Ike Ekweremalu.

16: The headquarter of UN is in
(a) New York
(b) Washington
(c) Geneva
(d) Vienna.

17: UNO was founded in San Francisco in
(a) 1939
(b) 1914
(c) 1945
(d) 1950.

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Free  Past Questions and answers Are you looking for the latest  past questions and answers?  Do you want to come out with flying colors after your aptitude exercise into the Nigerian navy? The past questions and answers 2018 aptitude exercise is here for you, all you need to do is to grasp your copy now.

Free  Past Questions and answers is one of the first steps to pass the Nigerian navy aptitude test, getting this  past questions and answers 2018/2019 will give you the insight on how the Nigerian navy aptitude test/exercise will be like.


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Greater number of applicant into the Nigerian navy fail the aptitude test exercise due to lack of awareness and how to tackle the aptitude test past questions, that is why I took it as a task to gather the Nigerian navy past questions and answers 2018 aptitude exercise for all the interested candidates who wish to apply for the Nigerian navy aptitude test/exercise.

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We use this medium to wish all the applicant into the , best of lucks and also indulge all the applicant that they cannot come out fully with flying colors if they fail to recognize the involvement of nigerian navy aptitude test past questions and answers free pdf

in their preparation for the Nigerian navy recruitment. You can also check other past questions when you keep reviewing this web page www.infowaka.com

Kindly Get your Past Question Now and Start Studying


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