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starting University-Vital Things You Need as a Fresher

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starting University Requirement  

starting University

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Starting University-Have you been offered Admission to any Higher Institution, congratulation! below are the vital things you need before emerging on Campus. just grab a cup of coffee or water and be ready to read comprehensively, is from dailycampusgist.com Team.


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First Year In The University-starting University

Things you need to Prepare For.

there are a whole lot of things you need and you can’t get them all at once. but here are the basic ones you cant do without

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  • Your Fees:
  • This is the most important and that’s why I put it above others. You must, first of all, make provision for your acceptance fee, school fees, hostel fee and all other associated fees that may be required to complete your registration. I have seen students in the past who bought everything excessively from home but could not pay school fees.Read:


  • Your Credentials:
  • O’level result, State of origin certificate, Jamb result, pre-admission screening form, pre-admission screening result and any documents you know would be required by your school for registration. You need all this and you can’t do without them.


  • Your Daily Items:
  • I put it this way because I don’t want this post to be extremely long. You need a traveling bag, school bag, nice dresses that you can afford, a computer, a phone, cooking equipment, books, very much foodstuff, provisions and any other thing you use on a daily basis at home.These are just the three common categories of basic things I know you will need. Though, you can add more to it.


Other Important Things still on starting University

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Make Your Budget: 

This is the aspect many students do take for granted and they later got themselves to blame. Remember you are just going to school for the first time, a lot of expenses are awaiting you and your resources will surely not be enough to cater for them all.

Create a budgeting plan with your parents, that you can print out and pin up in your room. Identify what is coming in and going out every month for the semester. This will prevent you from coming to school and be running out of cash all time.


Open A Bank Account:

It’s always very annoying to see University’s students without an account number. It’s so shameful. You should not be going up and down using your friends’ bank account to receive money all time.

Having your own account is secure. You can keep your money there and go for it whenever you needed it.


Learn How To Cook:

So many students in university could not cook and live on an expensive diet of calorific takeaways and ready-meals. An unhealthy diet reduces concentration levels and makes you feel sluggish. Though, am sure this will affect many guys who never stay at home to help in the kitchen.

I(a member of Dailycampusgist Team) once had a room mate during my diploma years, he could not even prepare indomie for himself to eat. He always zips garri or starves himself whenever am not in the mood to cook. The best way to have you little resources enough for you in the University is to learn how to cook simple food. Don’t go to school and spend all your money on expensive junk food.


Find Friends And Course Mates:

Before you resume school, make use of the available social media to connect with good people who have just been offered admission like you. Chat and talk with them and make friends as reasonable as possible. When you got to school on your first day, connect with them so that you can run your movement as a fresher together. Don’t be a loner who doesn’t relate with people.

Though, We strongly advise not to make bad friends and don’t live a couple lives in school in order not to ruin yourself from the first year. don’t forget to click for more Articles here

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